Replacement & Repairs for Roofs, Windows, and Siding for Boonton Home Owners

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Replacement & Repairs for Roofs, Windows, and Siding for Boonton Homeowners

Weather patterns and variations in climate just seem to be getting more extreme from one season to the next. With Hurricane Ida in 2021 and the soaking tail-end of Ian in 2022—all on the heels of Sandy in 2012—it’s a wonder New Jersey hasn’t washed into Raritan Bay. All that storm water takes a huge toll on the gutters, downspouts, and siding of your home, and puts the life and durability of your roof to the test. At CKG Contractors in Boonton, NJ, we recommend repairs for roofs, windows, and siding if your bi-annual inspections call for it. Inspections should coincide with the advent of spring and the start of fall. But it is also prudent to have your roof and home inspected after each major storm that hits Boonton, NJ in case you may need a new roof replacement.

The expert crew at CKG Contractors has been your premier home improvement and roofing window and siding repair company in Boonton, NJ since 1999. Our team is the finest assembly of master installers and roofing repair experts in Boonton and all of New Jersey. You won’t find another outfit with the same dedication to high quality, proven workmanship, and professional integrity like you’ll find with us. Every technician in Boonton, NJ on our roof, window, and siding repair team is fully licensed and insured, and is certified by CertainTeed, James Hardie, Pella, and Anderson—the best and most respected brand names in the home repair industry for roofing and siding products.

We repair and replace roofs in Boonton, and install new roof replacements, with specialties in traditional asphalt shingles and long-term metal roofs. We also install storm gutters and downspouts, and gutter guards that extend the life of your drainage system by keeping it free of leaves, twigs, and other debris. Our expert CKG team in Boonton also offers window installation, repair, and replacement. We can also recommend new windows that are more energy efficient to help lower your monthly bill.

We’re in the business to ensure your home remains safe and comfortable for as long as you live there. Every time we hop onto a roof or pop in a new set of windows, every one of us at CKG Contractors aims to set a new industry standard for quality, customer service, and honesty. We’re not like those other contractors who nail you with hidden costs for unnecessary work. We stake our reputation on our name. So when you need roof or window repair in Boonton, or siding repair or installation, get in touch with us. You won’t find any other company who backs up their reputation like we do.

    CKG Contractors: The Most Trusted Roofing, Window, and Siding Company in Boonton

    The exterior of your home is one area that you should check-up on regularly. If the last time was a while ago, then it’s probably high time for an assessment and cleaning! A free consultation with CKG Contractors will put any fears or concerns at ease before they become problems – “just send us a message today to set things straight.”

    We’re the best at what we do, and that includes Morris Plains roofing services. Whether your aging shingle roofs need an update, you have new construction needs like asphalt ones, or you’re interested in a new look with a metal or other roof type – our team is ready to serve your needs!

    Protect Your Boonton Roof and Gutters with Leaf Solutions Gutter Guards

    The gutters on your home can wear out over time. Regular and proper maintenance is important to help mitigate some of the damage caused by weather or sagging areas, but it won’t always guarantee a good performance from those gutter systems as well! Fortunately we at CKG Contractors have an easy solution that will extend their life while also protecting against potential debris including leaves, twigs, insects, pine needle drops – and just about anything else you might think could get stuck up there!!

    With Energy-Efficient, Low Maintenance Replacement Windows You Can Have Your Home’s Exterior Updated Without the Hassle.

    The cost of having old, outdated windows in your home can be a drain on your finances, and is likely costing you more than just money. By installing new windows and improving your homes energy efficiency can also mean lower utility bills! Let our experts from CKG Contractors in Boonton replace them with state-of the art products that will boost your home’s beauty, energy efficiency, as well increase its value for years to come.

    We Offer a Variety of High-Performance Siding In the Material That You Choose.  No Matter What Style or Color, We’ve Got Your Back!

    From vinyl to composite, fiber cement or engineered wood—our professional installation team at CKG Contractors are trained to install all types of siding! We make sure that you get the perfect solution by taking time ensuring you get exactly what you are looking for prior to installation, and that your materials are top quality name brands such as CertainTeed or James Hardie.

    Start Enjoying Your Beautiful Home Today by Getting in Touch With Our Team of Professionals for a Free No Obligation Estimate!

    CKG Contractors is the go-to company for home remodeling in Boonton and surrounding areas. We have been providing exceptional customer service and installations since 1999, so give us a call today or fill out our form. Estimates are completely free with no obligation whatsoever except quality time spent talking about your needs, as well as what could be done about them using CKG Contractors’ expertise…

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