Snow and ice can cause weight on a roof, but snow especially is heavier than ice. And snow and ice create various problems for a roof. A roof holds snow up—to prevent snow slides that bring down the whole structure.

Because snow sits on top of your home’s shingles or other rooftop covering, it reduces their protective panels’ ability to shed water. That leads to problems like peeling paint, buckling siding, even weakening rafters. Excessive snow buildup can also result in leaks inside the house if drains become blocked or spouts are weakened by pressure.

During the winter months, homeowners might notice icicles hanging off their roof’s sides. But icicle formation isn’t always planned; sometimes they form when the snow melts, then re-freezes and attracts more snow to it. Excess ice could also be a sign you need your roof repaired because the weight of snow and water can wear down support beams over time.

Of course, snow isn’t always bad for a home’s exterior structure. In fact, moisture from snow could help prevent cracking and structural damage during the summer months; while snow provides insulation in the winter months to keep homes warm. And while snow itself melts during warmer seasons, it can still fall off roofs—and potentially cause damage like pooling or flooded backyards.

It’s important to take action if you notice snow or ice building up on your roof. You should clear snow away from your house before potentially causing costly damage due to snow buildup.

According to the Weather Channel, snow can weigh about one-tenth as much as an equal volume of water—which means that snow could weigh up to 12 pounds per cubic foot on your roof! You should try not to puncture or cut into snow during removal—and never shovel snow onto a frozen sidewalk below it. That could be dangerous for pedestrians and anyone underneath if snow slides off your home’s slippery slopes.

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