Why Choose Us

Why Choosing CKG Contractors Is The Right Choice

We’re not your least expensive option on paper but our quality craftsmanship saves you money in the long run.

What is the CKG Contractors Difference

Just ask our customers. CKG has served the Parsippany area since 1999 and folks have a lot to say about a CKG roof, windows, siding, and the workmanship behind them. We’ve compiled the most commonly used words from testimonials and reviews from our customers describing their experience with CKG:

  1. We work with quality materials. Our roofing shingles are thicker and cut straight across because it provides better coverage and longer resistance to the elements. If you want cheap, go elsewhere but with cheap materials, you get a roof that lasts a fraction of the time that ours does. We stand behind our product with a…
  2. 25-year Titanium Warranty. You will find very few roofing companies that are willing to back their product with a warranty of that length. With CKG, “it’s right or it’s free.” We will find that leak and ensure it doesn’t happen again.
  3. We have one roofing crew. They’re efficient master roofers who’ve been trained to produce a quality roof replacement or repair with top-notch materials. Our window installers are experts in their field. As are our siding technicians. We are selective in who we hire and put them through rigorous training so you needn’t worry about who’s working on your home.
  4. Our customers tell us they tried reaching out to other roofing businesses without any response. We have a staff of dedicated professionals in our office. Not only can they arrange roofing estimates for you but they receive training on routing calls and questions to those who can help. CKG is responsive and ready. Test us. Go ahead. Call.
  5. Our customers often tell us how quick we are. How they expected a job to take much longer. But it’s important to differentiate. We’re efficient, not speedy. We’re not rotating crews through the Parsippany area where they only have a few hours to do a demo and then move onto the next project while another crew comes in to finish theirs. (Bet you didn’t know some companies do that. They put the less experienced guys in the demo so they don’t waste time with their experienced roofers. But there’s no such thing as a non-important job when it comes to roofing. All of it requires experience, that is if you care about quality.) Our crew begins and completes the task and they are held accountable for their work. They remain with a project until the quality is signed off on in a walk-through. But the reason our clients say we’re quick is that we’re generally in and out in a day on a roof replacement. We can do that at CKG because we hire experience and train well.


Our Process

Our office hours are between 9:00-4:30. Don’t have time to call, you can email our office at chris@ckgcontractors.com. If you are looking to schedule an appointment or have questions about your Home Improvement call or E-mail today. Danny (Office Manager) can schedule a time that is convenient for you. Our Salesman (Mark Ford), (Chris Ewing), and (Christopher Tighe) will show up on time and listen to your questions and concerns and go over options and financing. We will write a proposal that has all the details and pricing of the project. So there are no surprises. Next (Michele) our project manager will call to schedule your home Improvement. On the day of scheduling (Chris Ewing The Owner) Checks all materials have been delivered in good condition. Next he will walk through the entire project to ensure everything is done to your expectations. Our crew will drop off the disposal container and place it on thick planks so nothing gets damaged. Our Installers are Amazing. Louise, Alex, and Jose are the foreman on the jobs. We pass down our core values through the entire company. Keep the jobsite clean, Install to manufacturers specifications and communicate throughout the entire Home Improvement process. We realize Home Improvement can be stressful. We have taken huge steps to limit that stress. You can feel confident there is long term value in a great process and a job done right every time. Call CKG Contractors and join our family today. See You soon!


Three Things You Should Know About Choosing a Roofing, Siding, or Window Company

#1: We have a brick and mortar location.

A lot of contractors work out of their houses or direct their mail to a P.O Box. They don’t have an office where you can call for answers. They do this because it saves on overhead but do you know what else it does? Doesn’t give them any sense of permanence. You can pay them today and they’ll be gone tomorrow. Look at their trucks. Are they operating with magnetic signs or are they wrapped? Again, it’s a small thing that makes an enormous difference. You don’t want someone working on your house who may not be in business tomorrow. Look for longevity in a contractor. If someone’s been around a while and has a good rating from the Better Business Bureau, you know their services are priced right and they’ve had time to perfect their craft. A brick and mortar location speaks to a commitment to the community they operate in and if you need them, you can find them.

#2: We adhere to the CKG way.

With CKG Roofing Contractors you can rest assured our crew installs every single nail properly; all underlayment and ventilation are perfect. You have our word because we are committing to standing behind the work for a quarter of a century! Our business is based on quality, not volume. When you undercut the competition the only way to remain solvent is to do as many roofs as possible. Repairs and replacements take time. That means you have to cut corners to maximize the number of projects you can get done. Our projects are priced accurately so that we can take the time to bring you quality craftsmanship that you don’t have to worry about. We’re in the satisfaction business, not the numbers game.

#3: We ensure it’s done to code.

Whether it’s a window replacement or a roof repair, we do everything to code. While that seems like a no-brainer, it’s not frequent practice in the industry. It’s another way they cut costs because they’ve priced their services too low. But code exists for a reason—ensured quality. There are a lot of areas where the competition cuts corners and that means trouble for you down the road. For instance:

  • a roof without proper intake, ventilation to exhaust
  • a ridge vent in which none of the sockets are open
  • an ice and water shield that isn’t 24 inches past the interior wall
  • one row for an 18-inch socket, which gives you about six inches past the interior
  • using existing counter flashing
  • tarring a leak without fixing it
  • not putting ice and water shield around all the penetrations
  • not setting the compressors to the right amount of airflow
  • high nails or nails that are blowing through the shingles

You needn’t worry about what these things mean because we do. You can’t offer a 25-year warranty with shoddy workmanship like this. Why choose CKG Contractors? Because our work withstands the test of time and you have a guarantee to prove it.