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Our Parsippany-based commercial roof coating crew dedicates itself to the installation of high-quality, environmentally friendly, fluid-applied membranes and systems that solve industrial problems, improve appearance and save energy while adding to the weather-tight sustainability of restored roofs that our systems are applied on. We offer commercial roof coatings in Parsippany and the surrounding area that are installed over your current roof system. We work with well-known manufacturers like GAF and Astec Elastomeric Roof Coatings. We set up a staging area that is convenient for the business owner.

The roofs are cleared of any large debris. Next and necessary repairs are made so that when we clean the roof is watertight. The roof is then sprayed with a Commercial roof cleaning agent. We utilize cleaning technology to ensure the roof is clean of all dirt, and debris. The roof is left to dry overnight before the reply coating system is installed. When the system is dry, our installers reinforce all penetrations and drains with a Polyester membrane embedded in our commercial coating waterproofer. After the penetration is complete our crew starts by spraying a base coat on the entire surface. This coat will act as the primer and assures we have a quality bond with the substrate. The next step is to install waterproof coatings embedded in large rolls of Polyester membranes. This approach reinforces the roof system so it can handle expansion and contraction and the freeze-thaw we experience here in Northern New Jersey.

Once the entire membrane has been installed on your roof the roof is watertight. Our next step is to install UV protection to protect your commercial roof from the sun’s rays. Once your new liquid-applied roof system is installed it will be inspected by the manufacturer. The manufacturer will inspect all of the penetrations. Measure the amount of mils to ensure enough product has been installed. When inspections are complete CKG Contractors Inc and the manufacturer submit your 10-15-20 year warranty. Your roof is now watertight, Seamless and since it’s a white coating it will help reduce AC Load and heat transfer into your working space. Keeping your employees cool and dry. Plus no downtime to your facility. After the warranty period, the roof can be cleaned and top coats re-installed to continue your warranty for another 10-15-20 years. The best part about our roof coatings is they cost about half the price of a traditional roof replacement and you are not adding to landfills. Call the experts at CKG Contractors Inc. We will happily inspect your roof and see if it qualifies for one of our silicone or elastomeric roof coating systems. For Parsippany-area property owners, our commercial roof coatings provide optimal protection at a fraction of the price.

Chris Ewing
CKG Contractors Inc.

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