While it’s already winter, it is still important to understand what you need to do to prepare your roof for the winter months.  Winters can be unpredictable, and you can get an unusual amount of snow or ice without much notice.  Because of this, home roof maintenance is important during the winter because snow can weigh up to 3 pounds per square foot. While it builds thick layers, the weight of the ice and snow on your roof could be enough to cause damage or even collapse.

You should always make roof inspections a routine part of your home’s fall preparation process. First, inspect for any cracks in shingles, broken tiles, rust spots near nails, and curling. If you see anything suspicious, call a roof repair expert right away. Repairing roof problems in time is very important for a strong roof structure in wintertime.

Next, you should start with removing debris from your roof. Get rid of leaves and twigs by using a leaf blower. Then, you should remove dirt and dust by using a roof cleaning brush on your roof’s exterior. You can also use a broom on the roof’s interior to collect loose materials.

To re-seal gaps around roof plumbing stacks and roof skylights, you can use roofing cement. If any of the roof vents are not airtight enough for this year’s winter season, then it is time to take them down. On the other hand, if the roof hatch is difficult to open or close, then improve its security by bolting it with heavy screws at both sides.

While taking care of your roof in these ways over the course of a few days, make sure that you do not roof too much at once. As roof repairs can be strenuous, roofing your roof every day could strain you and force you to take a roofing break – not what you want if it’s cold outside!

Finally, clean off your roof gutters with the right roof gutter cleaner. This way, they’ll be ready for winter snowfalls.

By following these steps during the next few days of preparation, you will have a strong roof over your home come winter. For more information on maintaining your roof’s integrity throughout the year, contact a roofing contractor in your area.

If you are worried about your roof, if it is getting to the point it may need to be replaced, or you are in need of a repair, call CKG Contractors now at 973.599.0811 and we will send a team member out to help you look over your roof to see what it may or may not require.