When it comes to roofs, they have a lot more to do than just keep the rain out of your house. They come with a variety of different problems that can cause a new roof replacement and installation.

New roofs normally need to be done every 25 years. However, there are things you can look for that will tell you when your new roof is needed.

Four Ways to Know

  1. If your new roof is full of moss or mildew on the shingles, this indicates water damage from missing or loose shingles as well as an indication of poor ventilation due to dirty vents located at the top of your home. In addition to visible problems, leaks in water supply lines and air conditioning units on the top of the home may form mold under new shingles or new roofs.
  2. If you find new shingles that are curling, buckling, or have lost their granules this might indicate aging shingles. If they are no longer protecting your home from the elements then it is time to replace them with new ones.
  3. Another good indication is if your new roof has changed in color drastically when compared to other homes on the street. This might suggest there is mold growing between the layers of shingles and new areas where water damage could be forming new leaks within your house.
  4. There are also some indicators related to the physical appearance like discoloration on metal flashing around chimneys, skylights, and vents for plumbing stacks that indicates rust or corrosion caused by water leaking through new shingles. In addition to new roofs, new chimneys and skylights should also be inspected for wear and tear from age. Check the flue pipe on your new roof fireplace to make sure it is tightly sealed by replacing the caulk around all openings Insert new high-quality sealant into joints before reattaching or attaching new flashing to provide a watertight connection between the new roof and old chimney structures.

It is optimal that you have a new roof installed every 25 years, but there are signs that appear in order to tell you when the time has come. The only way to get rid of these problems is with a new roof installation.

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