Residential Gutter Guards

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CKG Contractors are Rhino Gutter Guard dealers and installers. Rhino Gutter Guards are the best protection available for your gutters, roofing and siding.

Rhino Gutter Guards
Rhino Gutter Guards

Rhino Gutter Guards were developed as an affordable and reliable solution to the problem of clogged gutters and it just plain works. The Rhino Gutter Guard allows your gutters to work the way they were intended; that is to channel the rainwater from your roof away from your walls, landscaping and foundation. Without this protection, many gutters become clogged and allow water exactly where you don’t want it, often causing expensive damage to your home.
With the Rhino Gutter Guard properly installed, debris is kept out of your gutters. In addition, the Rhino Gutter Guard system actually increases the strength and durability of your gutters. It can channel water from the heaviest thunderstorms and prevent even the tiniest debris from getting into your gutters. Made from a surgical quality stainless steel mesh and strong aluminum body, Rhino Gutter Guards are the most advanced guards available. And they are also the most affordable!

With Rhino Gutter Guards in place your gutters are protected from all potential debris including the following:

– Leaves

– Twigs

– Insects

– Pine Needles

– Shingle grit

Rhino Gutter Guards use a simple and logical design that has completely revolutionized the gutter protection industry.

There is no other system available that compares with Rhino Gutter Guards in terms of protection, durability, strength and affordability. In addition to the protection offered by these revolutionary gutter guards, they also come with a specially formulated “Rhino Skin” that prevents any debris from sticking to the gutter guards, making clean up a quick and simple chore.

Whether your roof is slate, shingles, tiles, metal, shakes, or composite, there’s a Rhino Gutter Guard that is suitable. They can even be fitted on flat roofs. If you are interested in protecting your home from rain water damage with the revolutionary Rhino Gutter Guard, contact us today for a free quote.