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Proudly Serving Parsippany-Troy Hills Township, Morris County, Essex, Union, Somerset County New Jersey. CKG Contractors has operated in the Northern New Jersey area since 1999. We proudly serve Parsippany-Troy Hills Township as well as all of Morris County and rest of Northern New Jersey. We’ve made our lives in this community. Raised families here and watched other families grow. We were here for Hurricane Sandy and countless winters of snow and ice. We know what to expect from the climate and we’ll be here for all of your Home Improvement needs. There’s a reason Money magazine named this area to its “Best Places to Live” list. Our community pride is second to none and our arts and leisure options are numerous. But you know this. You live here. What you may not be considering is the importance of selecting a Contractor that loves what you love about the area. One that will continue to be a proud part of your community.

Choose a Northern NJ Roofer with a Great Reputation

The east coast, and Northern NJ, can be a transient place. People move in and out of the communities due to all the large business operations we have here. We’re glad to have these big operations in our area. If you’re new, welcome. This is a special place to call home. You might not have given much thought as to where your contractor lives. But selecting someone who’s lived here a while means a couple of things:

  • We know the area and know the materials that work well in the northern New Jersey climate.
  • People know us. We have a lot of repeat business. Customers call us about their roof and a few years later they decide it’s time to redo their windows and reach out to us again. Because…
  • We have a good reputation. We’re not looking to see how many roof repairs we can knock out in one day. We don’t shuffle crews around town, tearing off layers and leaving you under tarp because they need to be somewhere else. We want you to come back and call us first when you need windows, siding, gutters, or a roof repair.

Roofing businesses can fold overnight because of high operating costs. They price their product too low trying to underbid everyone in town. Then they hire multiple crews to keep up with demand for their cheap roofs. They don’t know these crews and they instruct them to cut corners because they’re only making money if they hammer out 4-5 roofs a day. That’s too many repairs to be doing them right. Many roofing companies can’t afford to have a brick-and-mortar location and while that may seem like a cost-savings approach, it’s important you ask about their office. If they’re operating out of a basement somewhere here in Morris County, you can call tomorrow and get a disconnected message on the line. They have no investment in the community, other than a home address, which may not even be theirs. But with CKG, we have an office location. We have office staff that can help answer your questions. We have been here since 1999 and plan on it for years to come. You’ll see us around town and that’s when you can have complete confidence in the work we do. Because we’re serving our neighbors. Our name and reputation is on the line with every home we touch. Our name is on our vehicles. It’s not some magnet we slap on when we need to. We handle many roofing and home improvement services in the Morris County area including:

  • Residential roof repairs and replacement
  • Commercial roofing repairs and replacement 
  • Window replacements
  • Siding solutions
  • Gutter guards
  • Skylight Replacement
  • Roof Cleaning and power washing services.

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