How Roof Shingles Are Made to Protect Your Home

Roof shingles are not just something made of paint that protects your home. They’re actually a combination of a variety of different materials and chemicals, which are all wrapped together in the right sizes and shapes to protect your home from the outside world.”

Roof shingles are actually known as “built-up roofs” due to the fact that they consist of a group of layers that work together to protect your roof space and surrounding areas from the elements. CKG Contractors uses only the top-of-the-line materials and makes sure to provide only the best of our services to protect your home.

How Roof Shingles Are Made to Protect Your Home:

  1. The first step in the roof shingle-making process is to make a stack of fiberglass, asphalt, and felt paper. The fiberglass provides a waterproofing component, while the felt paper has an extra protective coating to keep water and other substances out of the shingles.
  2. Then, we apply tar paper on top of the felt paper, which is closely followed by another layer of asphalt mix that will act as a waterproof shield against any water or moisture that may accumulate and lead to leaks in your home due to seepage.
  3. The next step is the use of mineral granules which give the shingles their color and texture. We then add to this layer a top coat of paint, which will provide a glossy finish for the rooftop.
  4. Finally, we apply several layers of protective sheets to your roof, which provide great protection against any weather conditions that may lurk around your home as well as from any potential damage to your shingles and rooftop.
  5. After that, your rooftop is thoroughly inspected and tested for leaks, and then the area is completely cleaned up before we leave. We will also give you a report card with a complete inspection of your home’s rooftop as well as what needs to be done in order to better maintain it in the future.

Roof Shingle Maintenance Plan:

  1. Waterproofing is a very important factor in the maintenance of your shingles. It’s important to make sure that your gutters are always in good working condition, as it’s the gutter that helps to drain off any excess water from your home’s roof. It also ensures that there is a smooth and easy flow of water, which would otherwise lead to cracks and leaks in your roof shingles.
  2. The other thing you need to be careful about is the accumulation of leaves, dust, and any other debris on top of your roof shingles. You should make it a point to clear off any obstruction as soon as possible.
  3. Your roof shingles should also be checked against water seepage. If there’s excess water seepage into your home, then you will want to contact an expert roofer professional immediately, who can replace any damaged areas of your roof before the problem gets worse.
  4. Finally, you should also check for any loose or damaged portions of your shingles. If you find any portion of the shingles that are loose, you may want to consider getting the area fixed in a timely manner, as the longer you allow it to go on unhindered, the more damage your home will incur.
  5. The best way to get all of the services you need to keep your roof in tip-top shape is through an experienced roofing company like CKG Contractors. They can provide you with the quality roof protection that you need and are available, 24 hours a day, for any of your roofing needs.

Roof replacement:

  1. After the inspection:  CKG Contractors will thoroughly inspect your roof space so that we can offer you a proper plan to remedy any damage. The inspection will take into consideration everything from the tiles and nails to the gutters and downspouts.
  2. Vents, Chimneys & Siding:  The type of vents, chimneys, and siding on your home can affect its functionality as well as its value. Make sure that you get these three items checked by a professional before an emergency strikes.
  3. Chimney Repair:  The chimneys on your roof can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris over time, which can cause it to become less efficient at venting out unwanted smoke. This can happen quite suddenly, so don’t be afraid to check if there are any signs of damage. If so, then contact an expert immediately.
  4. Leaks:  Leaking roofs can bring down the value of your home on several levels and may even lead to severe water damage due to serious leakage happening at the wrong time. There are many different types of leaks, so it’s best to get an expert to take a look at your roof and see what the issue is.
  5. Gutter repair:  The gutters on your home are quite important in keeping rainwater away from your home’s foundation, which can cause serious damage if not maintained properly. The gutters that you have installed on your roof should be examined regularly for any signs of wear and tear.
  6. Sidewalks, Driveways & Street Repair:  Whether it’s on your roof, or in your front or back yards, it’s important to make sure that all of the walkways and driveways are still in good condition. If you find any problems with any of these, then call CKG Contractors for a professional assessment.
  7. Siding & Gutters:  The siding and gutters on your home can also be affected by their value of it, as well as the type of material used to make it. The last thing you want to do is fail to maintain the siding on your home, so make sure that you get it checked at least once every six months.
  8. Moisture/Bacteria:  Moisture can also lead to serious damage if left unchecked. Not only does it conceal potential leaks, but it can also be a threat to anyone who comes in contact with it. Make sure that you have a thorough inspection performed regularly, to make sure that no moisture is present on your roof, as well as any other parts of your house.
  9. Roofing/Siding Inspection:  CKG Contractors also offers roofing and siding inspections which can help you check for damage and repairs in your home. This includes making sure that there are no signs of missing or damaged nails on the tiles, as well as any problems with the vents and chimneys.
  10. Leaky Gutters:  Leaky gutters can be a serious problem if left unchecked for too long, especially if it’s on the roof of your home on which your family relies for safety and comfort.


Roof shingles are a very important aspect of roofing construction. They’re designed to protect your roof and home from the outside world. And, if you want that protection to last throughout your home’s lifetime, you should make it a point to periodically undergo roof shingle maintenance and do whatever is necessary to keep your roof protected against the elements.