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If you have a commercial roofing project and you’re looking for a dependable, experienced, quality-driven company, CKG Contractors is only a phone call away. And, yes we’ll be there to answer. We have experience in a wide range of commercial roofing services including:

  • EPDM-PVC-TPO-Modified Bitumen
  • Elastomeric-Silicone-Urethane-Silver Roof Coatings
  • Skylight-Bilco and curb installation.
  • Expert leak detection and maintenance.

We have experience in all kinds of commercial systems. Rest assured we can meet all your commercial roofing needs in the Parsippany area. As an expert commercial roofing contractor, we stay up to date on the cutting-edge technologies that will help secure your investment and may even save on your utility bills including commercial roofing systems, installation technology, materials, and installation gear.

EPDM Roofing

EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. While you don’t need to remember that, it’s helpful to know it’s an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane. This system reliably protects your commercial investment for years. Our experts can quickly make EPDM flat roof repairs on your Parsippany-area property. Seams are sealed with a liquid adhesive. It comes in multiple sizes and colors, as well as thickness options.

Parsippany Commercial Roofing Contractor | Flat Roof Repair

PVC Roofing

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. It’s a flexible, thermoplastic roofing membrane. PVC is often used due to its flexibility and ultraviolet resistance. A PVC roofing system endures our wet springs and soggy winters. It even withstands those achingly hot Julys we’ve had recently. Plus, it boasts reflectivity benefits. PVC seams are heat-sealed. This system provides a tougher, longer-lasting commercial roof for your business at a lower life-cycle cost.

Parsippany Commercial Roofing Contractor | Flat Roof Repair

TPO Roofing

TPO or Thermoplastic polyolefin is another flexible, thermoplastic roofing membrane designed for heat-reflective and energy-efficient roofing systems. TPO is one of the most widely-used products in the commercial market. It’s cost-efficient and comes in energy-efficient white, which provides a reflective surface. California now mandates white roofs on all commercial buildings for energy efficiency and New Jersey could eventually go this way as well. Dark commercial roofs that use tar or asphalt absorb heat. In our New Jersey summers, it’s not unusual for a dark surface in the sun to read well over 120 degrees. Your building AC will work harder to offset that penetrating heat. TPO can greatly reduce that heat through reflection and that’s part of the reason it’s such a popular commercial product.

Torch Down Roofing

Torch down roofing uses a tough, resilient modified bitumen membrane that is applied using a heat torch to seal the membrane to the roof. Although proper installation is necessary for the success of any roof, torch down roofing is essential. This is not an application process you want to leave to the novice. Not only is the quality of the seal directly affected by the quality of the installation but the installation itself can pose a fire hazard to people unfamiliar with the application process. CKG Contractors’ commercial roofing experts in the Parsippany area have the experience and skill necessary to ensure that your torch down roof is properly installed so that it remains resilient and durable throughout its life cycle. Your commercial roof is critical to your business investment. A roof with poor workmanship not only leaves your property vulnerable but your renters’ businesses too. Call CKG, your local commercial roofing contractor in Parsippany today at 973-599-0811US or fill out our form and put our experience to work for your commercial properties.

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