If roof replacement is on your mind, it’s important to know what you want out of the roof replacement project. Here are some questions to ask your roofing contractor before replacing your roof.

1) How long will roof replacement take?

2) Is roof replacement hard work?

3) What materials are used in a roof replacement?

4) How long does roof replacement last before the repair is needed again?

5) Does roof installation come with a warranty?  If so, for how long and what details need to be included with the warranty information.  Is there an additional charge for extended warranties or any other kind of coverage that might be available from the roofing company?  Does the homeowner’s insurance policy cover damage to roof replacement during a storm, or other natural disasters?  It’s important to find out what type of roofing materials are used in roof replacement because some roofing products are insured against damage due to wind.

6) How long until the roof replacement warranty expires?  What details need to be included with roof replacement warranties?

7) What roofing system will be installed during roof replacement?

8) Are there any metal roof installation requirements needed for inspection?

9) How many people does it take to replace my roof by yourself?

10) Does your company have insurance and is it current? If not, don’t expect them to work on your house. Check that their license is current as well.

11) What roofing materials are used in a roof replacement?  This is important because roof replacement materials should be scraped, not punched. Punching creates more roof leaks than removing shingles.

12) Does roof re-coating need to be done before roof replacement takes place?  You might want to ask if roof replacement can be done without removing the old roof material first; the answer will likely depend on the roofing company you hire.

13) Who is responsible for damage caused by equipment during roof replacement?

14) Are permits needed for roof installation or just for metal roofs?  If so, do I need one too and how much does it cost?

15) Can I buy my own roofing materials and hire your roofers to install my roof?  If so, what are the roof installation details that need to be included in roof replacement agreements?

16) Can I rent roofing tools to get this job done myself?  If you get roof replacement supplies without proper equipment, quality may suffer.

17) Who provides roof replacement guarantees or warranties? Will they replace roof shingles for free if they fail prematurely due to poor installation or inferior materials?  Is there a time limit on these guarantees?

If you have questions about your roof replacement project before it starts, ask them now by contacting us at 973-599-0811 or email chris@ckgcontractors.com.