Window Leaks and Water Damage in Your Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows:

Window Leaks and Water Damage

Water damage: For most homeowners, this is a scary thought. No one wants water in their home, right? One of the best ways to keep your home dry is new replacement windows.

But what if you have new windows and still see water damage? What if the windows in your new home aren’t quite right? Window leaks and water damage aren’t just issues in older homes with aging windows.

And as we head into the summer storm season, with the humidity and heat, making sure your windows are in top shape is critical.

And our experts at CKG Contractors Inc. are here to share information on keeping your windows from leaking and water at bay. We are sharing things to look for and possible issues.


If you have properly installed windows, the chance of leaks is low. So make sure you have proper flashing and shore up your sills. Even new homes can have improperly installed windows, so keep an eye out. If you see a water mark on the wall in your new home, your window has not been properly flashed. This needs to be addressed quickly, as water in your home can do damage fast. It could breed mold or warp or damage walls and foundations.

If you live in an older home and see water damage, it could mean your window is failing and needs replaced. It could also mean it is time for new weather stripping. An expert can help decide if you need to repair or replace your windows.

High-quality replacement windows, properly installed, Could last up to 50-years.

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Window Leaks and Water Damage in Your Replacement Windows
Window Leaks and Water Damage in Your Replacement Windows

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