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Why is my Roof Leaking

Why is my Roof Leaking?

Hello people reading this post,

If you truly want to know why your roof is leaking I have over 20-years of experience looking at roof leaks. That can can be difficult to figured out along with getting up on the roof safety to repair it. CKG Contractors Inc no matter how small the Roof repair we always recommend minimum of two guys on the job. Safety first.  Still the question why is my roof leaking. Here are some tips to make it easier to solve the leaking issue before you call a certified roofer to get on the roof to repair it.

The Old Leaking chimney:

Chimneys go through the roof and often right into your living space. When a roof is installed flashing and counter flashing get installed to the chimney to ensure water stays outside. Often a roofer will not cut a groove into the chimney and just tar the counter flashing to the brick. Unfortunately tar will eventually fail  and the water will come right down the face of your chimney and into you living space. Flashing done incorrectly can also be a cause of roof leaking especially if there are two layers of shingles on your roof. I have seen countless times roofing companies don’t properly flash around Chimneys, Dormers and skylights and within 5 years rotted wood from water infiltrating the past five years. Often you won’t catch the leak because the wood and roof insulation absorb the water until they become so deteriorated and suddenly a water stain shows up on your sheet rock. Chimneys also are made of sand and can become porous through the years. It’s a good idea to get a roof Inspection yearly to prevent thousands of dollars in damage. Your chimney also has a masonry cap that can fail and crack over time allowing water to get into brick. This is especially dangerous in the winter time when that water can freeze and expand breaking your chimney to pieces.

Leak in your Bathroom:

There are multiple vents installed when a bathroom is installed or replaced. Most leaks I investigate that involve a bathroom are because the vent pipe collars are leaking. Another cause could be a bathroom vent used to send steam out of your bathroom to prevent mold growth. If you have a skylight and the leak runs down the front corners your glass seals are shot and it’s time to replace. If the leak from your skylight is from the back it could be the flashing or something leaking above it. Roof leaks are all about how the water flows.

Fan and vent:

Fan and vent leaks can be caused by an old plastic vent cracking or improper installation. Always allow a professional roofing company to install your vents and fans. Hopefully CKG Contractors.

Roof Valley:

Roof valleys when they are not installed correctly can hold a lot of dirt and debris. When it rains the water may traverse  and end up under the roof shingles. Sometimes this can be fixed by cropping the shingles or cutting them back for better water flow and sealing under the weave. It’s a little confusing but you can call and I will walk you through it.

Nail Pops.

Nail pops occur typically when you have two layers of shingles and not enough ventilation. Heat from the attic will push roofing nails right through your shingles. Fun Right. Try finding a pop nail between the seam of two shingles not easy.

One more tip for now. Windows

If you have a leak on any floor and there is a window on the floor above the leaking make sure the window is sealed and the sash is not rotted. Water will infiltrate where it wants too Happy Hunting.

This is just a partial list could be something as simple as a missing shingle or a tree branch through the roof. Call us if you need help. 973-599-0811 Chris Ewing


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CKG replaced my roof this past June. It involved a complete tear-off. They were amazing. Extremely professional and very neat. Roofing jobs are messy but they cleaned up every day. I can't say enough about Chris. The personal service he and his company provides is unmatched. I would recommend CKG to anyone who wants a quality, professionally done project at a reasonable price.

Nils S January 17, 2017

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Will absolutely recommend CKG for anyone that needs repairs and I will not hesitate to hire them again for any future repairs.

Cheryl M January 17, 2017

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Replaced roof & skylights. It went great- on schedule, exactly as estimated, nicest people. Super clean after work was done.

Anon. January 17, 2017

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Professional, organized,  on time, budget conscious, but quality oriented. Lasting workmanship. Truly feel like you're in good hands.

Rick T. January 17, 2017

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I only had a small job to repair several pieces of my house siding, but CKG didn't have a problem with a small job. They came over, gave me an estimate of cost and when they should be able to do it.
The work was done beautifully and I couldn't have asked for more. They really put in the effort to get the siding fixed right. I highly recommend them and will use them in the future.

Linda J January 17, 2017