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Knowing when it is time to replace windows isn’t always easy, but if your windows are 15 years old or more there’s a good chance you should begin to consider replacement windows.  Some things you can look for are windows that are difficult to open and close, moisture that collects inside the windows, or windows that let in drafts.  Just like other parts of your home such as the roof and siding, your windows need to be replaced from time to time.  Below are some questions you can ask yourself to help decide if it is time to replace windows.

Are your current windows single pane glass?

Older homes often have their original windows, which were built using single pane glass.  These older single pane windows are ok, but they simply do not provide the energy efficiency that you can get with double pane glass.  Adding energy efficient windows to your home can save you as much as $480 a year depending where you live and how many windows you are replacing.  So, when you ask “How much does it cost to replace windows?” remember that your costs will be offset to some degree by your energy savings.

Do your windows let in drafts or leak water?

If your current windows are letting the outside weather into your home it’s a good indication that it is time for new windows.  Leaking water can cause extensive damage to your walls, and drafty old windows will dramatically increase your heating and cooling bills.  In some cases it may be enough to simply replace window glass, saving you money.

Do your windows work properly?

Every member of your household should be able to easily open, close and lock your windows.  When this is not the case it is not just an energy efficiency issue, it can also be a safety issue.

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