Residential Roof Repair

CKG Contractors are your local roof repair experts!

Have you noticed damage to your roof following a storm? Or maybe you’re experiencing a leak into your attic or top floor of your house? Sounds like you need a speedy roof repair.

roof repair

Although a roof repair may seem less daunting than total roof replacement, accurately identifying the source of a leak is more difficult than you may think. However, at CKG Contractors we are confident in our master roofers’ ability to find and fix leaks and so you can rest easy. Our superior experience and industry knowledge makes it easy for us to evaluate your roof and any problems it might have. Once the cause of the leak is identified we will develop a comprehensive plan to repair it in the most efficient and durable manner possible. From easy fixes such as vent pipes and flashings to major repairs that require partial roof replacement, you can be certain that our team can handle it. We are so confident in our ablities that we guarantee the quality of our workmanship.

Roof repair

CKG Contractors can help with the following roof repair issues:

  • Repair of asphalt shingle roofs
  • Repair of wood shake roofs
  • Repair of metal roofs
  • Roof vent pipes repair
  • Roof valley repair
  • Skylight repairs