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Will absolutely recommend CKG for anyone that needs repairs and I will not hesitate to hire them again for any future repairs.

Cheryl M January 17, 2017

Homeowners in Rockaway NJ called us because they had a leak coming down their chimney.  Ironically, I had written a previous post about why chimneys leak.  As you can see in the pictures, many of the roof features were installed poorly and now our Rockaway NJ clients have to pay for a roof repair that could have easily been avoided.  Would have been nice if the last roofing company did the job right the first time.  Sometimes, if repairs are too extensive, we may advise roof replacement.  Luckily our Rockaway NJ clients roof still has good life left to it so the repair route is worthwhile.  Call with any questions or to schedule your free estimate.

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The masonry cap on this chimney is cracked, most likely because it was installed in the winter and froze. When the temperature changed, the cap expanded which caused it to crack. We recommend Elastomeric masonry caps, which are more flexible and don’t crack when the temperature changes.
The base of the chimney was never properly flashed, which allowed water to get trapped behind the rear of the chimney.
These vent pipe collars are covered in tar, which tells you that they were not installed properly. If a roof is installed properly there should not be any exposed tar.

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