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Repair or Replace Your Windows

Repair or Replace Your Windows

If your windows are older or if they simply aren’t cutting it when it comes to keeping cool air out in the winter and keeping cool air in during the summer, you might be asking yourself if repair or replacement is the better option.

You probably know that if you replace windows, a whole-home replacement project can be a costly endeavor. However, new windows do result in fewer leaks, which lowers your home energy bills. Additionally, new windows add value to your home both because they increase the visual appeal, and the new buyers will know they don’t need to replace the windows shortly after purchasing the home.

How can you evaluate what window problems can be repaired and when windows need to be replaced?


If you have individual windows with cracked or broken glass, you might be able to repair them. Repairs and parts vary by manufacturer. If you are unsure of what company manufactured your windows, it is possible that one of our window experts can help you identify the manufacturer, but sometimes it isn’t easy and you will need to have the window replaced.


If you have older wood windows with rotting or damaged wood, it may be time to replace the windows with modern, energy-efficient, vinyl windows. While you can sometimes repair the wood windows if you are able to locate the manufacturer and the original parts, or have a carpenter remake the damaged parts, it will often require less time and money to start over with modern replacement windows. Historic homes, where modern windows might be against the neighborhood rules. CKG Contractors Inc. is well-known for its ability to navigate regulations and variances in historic neighborhoods.


If your weatherstripping is missing or damaged, you should be able to replace it, especially if you can contact the manufacturer of the window for the exact match. Weatherstripping around doors that is attached to the sill can often be replaced with a common product from the hardware store.


If you know the manufacturer, you may be able to replace these parts that make your windows slide up and down easily, and lock securely. In the case of older windows that use weights and cords, you may be able to find weights at a second-hand hardware store or antique store. You can replace the cord with a suitable substitute. Be cautious when doing this work to prevent the weights from falling and damaging the window frame or causing injury.


If you aren’t sure what steps to take next, why not try a risk-free inspection from CKG Contractors Inc? Our experts will lay out the problems and help you decide if it is time to repair or replace your windows. Call us for a free inspection 973-599-0811

Repair or Replace Your Windows
Repair or Replace Your Windows