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Selling Your Home This Spring These Simple Home Improvements May Help

Tips for selling your home this spring

It’s almost the start of the spring selling season, and if you are planning to list your home, you might be thinking about some simple home improvements to help it stand out from the crowd.

Spring is the most popular time to list a home for sale and that means if you are going to sell, there will be competition! There are some simple home improvements you can make to help your house be more attractive to potential buyers – and some not-so-simple ones that could really make your home shine.

Read on for our list of simple home improvements to make if you plan to sell your home in 2017!


You may love your turquoise bathroom or brick red dining room, but a potential buyer may not. Painting your home in neutral colors (grays, beiges or even white or cream) can help home shoppers get a sense of what the space looks like and its potential. If you have wood trim, don’t forget to paint or freshen that up too.

Roof Cleaning

Your Roofs appearance is the first impression a new home buyer has when the pull up to the house. Roof cleaning will remove all the stains and algae giving the potential buyers an impression that from the exterior the roof has been maintained. Roof Cleaning is relatively inexpensive and you wouldn’t sell a used car with out cleaning it first. Call CKG Contractors for a Roof Shampoo. We guarantee all stains removed or your don’t pay.


If you are still rocking the 80s builder-grade brass light fixtures and door handles, it’s time for an upgrade. Go to a home improvement store and step into 2017! Pick a finish that looks modern, classic and stylish. New light fixtures can really update your space – and don’t forget outside! Snazzy new porch lights will welcome home shoppers and make a great first impression.


So this can be a pricey investment, but if you are selling your home in 2017 and your windows are 25 years old (or older!) investing in replacement windows before you list can be a great move. New, energy efficient windows are a great selling point and will add value to your home.


Is your roof showing its age? It might be time to get a new roof. Home buyers love homes that are low-maintenance, and a home with a 20-year-old roof is NOT low-maintenance! Taking care of this before you list your home can really help make it stand out from the crowd. No, it’s not a simple home improvement but it is a great investment. Plus you can list the home with a new roof warranty.

CKG Contractors Inc.

The experts at CKG Contractors Inc. know your home is your biggest investment. Even if you don’t plan to sell in 2017, we can help you update and protect your home with replacement windows, roofing, gutters and more. Call 973-599-0811 today for a FREE inspection!

Simple Home Improvements
Simple Home Improvements