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Fall Home Maintenance Get You Home Ready For Winter

Fall Home Maintenance Get You Home Ready For Winter

With the crisp days and daylight, the week’s leading up to winter are a great time to do some simple fall home maintenance to make sure your space is ready for the snow, ice and cold. Big or small, these tasks can help you keep your home tidy and secure.

Read on for some fall home maintenance ideas to tackle before the snow flies!


If you’ve invested in landscaping, or you have trees, fall is a great time to make sure they are ready for the hard winter. Hire a tree service to trim and inspect your trees and make sure shrubs and other plants are covered, mulched and protected.

It also goes without saying that you should rake leaves!

Don’t forget to winterize your sprinkler system and shut of exterior water sources and hoses.


Something that should be done as a part of all fall home maintenance is cleaning your gutters! If you don’t feel safe doing it or if you don’t have time, hire a professional. Keeping your gutters clear is crucial to preventing ice dams and other damage.


Make sure your windows seal and lock and that they aren’t cracked or damaged. Do you need new ones? At CKG Contractors Inc, we can install new windows even in the winter, but getting these simple tasks taken care of can save you headaches.


Snow and ice can cause slip and falls but so can improperly maintained paths, walkways and stairs. If you have cracks, uneven pavement or other issues, fixing them in the fall can make your home more safe and secure!

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