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Commercial Roof Coating

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Commercial Roof Coatings can be a huge money saver and benefit to prolonging the life of your commercial roof. Commercial roof coatings can be installed over Metal, EPDM, PVC, Torch down, built up and more. When Commercial Roof Coatings are installed correctly they make a seamless monolithic, waterproof blanket over your exisiting roof system. Most Commercial roof coating systems carry a warrantee through the Coatings Manufacture anywhere from 10-25 years. The warranties are based on the mil thickness or gallons per 100 square feet of coating that are applied. Reinforcing the commercial roof coating with a membrane can help increase the thickness of the final coating system and increase the tensile strength of the roof. Because these systems are fluid applied by brush roller or spray rig you can apply more in lower pitched areas if needed. Roof coatings can also be used to seal your roof penetrations and protect them from rusting. When a Roof Coating system is installed there is no down time to the facility. No tear-off of the existing roof is necessary unless its wet. We always provide an infrared scan of the roof to ensure no moisture exists and if it does we will mark out those areas  and repaired before Roof Coating starts. An added benefit of roof coating is that is sustainable. When the warranty date is approaching you can pressure wash your roof of any dirt and debris. Apply additional Roof coating and extend the warranty for  an additional 10-15 years depending on manufacture. If you are interested in saving some money on your next commercial roof project give us a call. We have been installing roof coatings systems for the past 10-years and we have the references to back it up. We also install Traditional commercial roofing. As always thanks for reading.