Roof-Replacement-Denville-NJ-07834 CKG Contractors Inc, is a Local Roofing Company based one Town away from Denville NJ 07834. We are located in Parsippany NJ and have been servicing the Morris County area for almost 20-years. We specialize in Roof Replacement, Roof Repair, Siding and Windows. We always guarantee it’s right or it’s free. Since the beginning we have always stood behind our work… Continue Reading

Summit-NJ-Roof-Replacement-New-Roofing-Company-Roof Cleaning-Roof-Repairs-07901

              CKG Contractors Inc, Repaired multiple areas on this Summit NJ residence. The Roof overhangs into the gutter were very short allowing water to get behind the Gutter and rot out the facia board. We extended the roof overhang, removed gutters and replaced damaged facia board. New facia board was primed and painted the same color… Continue Reading

Roofing Company Maplewood NJ-07040

Roofing Company Maplewood NJ-07040 New Certainteed Landmark Roofing system Installed by CKG Contractors Inc. If you are looking for a Roofing-Siding-Window Company in Maplewood NJ or surrounding areas you have come to the right place. We recently replaced two roofs in Maplewood NJ and our homeowners are extremely satisfied. With CKG Contractors Inc. Installing your… Continue Reading

Roofing Company New Providence NJ- Zip Code 07974

Roofing Company New Providence NJ- Zip Code 07974 CKG Contractors Inc, completed a new roof in New Providence NJ, 07974. This New Providence Homeowners existing roofing material was metal. We removed the existing metal roof down to the original rafters. The Rafters framing the roof were a few inches further apart than normal so we installed 3/4″… Continue Reading

Roof Mold and Health Issues

Roof algae, lichens and/or moss can eat through your shingles and into your roof deck causing wood rot.  When the wood rots, moisture can then pass through the cracks and create an environment hospitable to mold growth – in your home!  Mold growth in a home can pose health risks to people and pets.  Don’t… Continue Reading

The Dangers of Cleaning your Roof with Bleach

Chlorine Bleach has an intense chemical odor.  The toxic fumes can drift as far as a full block away exposing your neighbors to the potent, highly irritating and corrosive fumes as well. NEVER LET ANYONE USE BLEACH ON YOUR ROOF!  Many contractors use bleach when they clean a roof, mainly because they like the chemical’s low… Continue Reading

Repair or Replace Your Windows

Repair or Replace Your Windows If your windows are older or if they simply aren’t cutting it when it comes to keeping cool air out in the winter and keeping cool air in during the summer, you might be asking yourself if repair or replacement is the better option. You probably know that if you… Continue Reading