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Knowing when it is time to replace windows isn’t always easy, but if your windows are 15 years old or more there’s a good chance you should begin to consider replacement windows.  Some things you can look for are windows that are difficult to open and close, moisture that collects inside the windows, or windows… Continue Reading

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Roof Coatings Coatings and sealants provide a smart and cost effective alternative to roof replacement by protecting and sealing roofs, stopping leaks, and extending the life of your roof. With high disposal costs, expensive roof replacement costs, and the ongoing search for lower energy costs, the use of coatings for roof maintenance and restoration has become a… Continue Reading

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Vinyl Replacement Windows Vinyl Replacement Windows Harvey Residential and commercial vinyl Replacement windows are well known for delivering unmatched durability while requiring minimal maintenance. At their ASI-certified lab, they are  constantly testing all our their vinyl windows, including double hung and casement windows, to make sure they perform up to our high standards and can stand the test of time.… Continue Reading

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Q: When should I consider sealing my shingles? Call for a free consultation 973-599-0811 A: There are a few factors as to when you should seal your shingles: Age of shingles: A good rule of thumb is 10 years. Starting treatment early can result in doubling your shingles service life while greatly reducing problems during… Continue Reading


HOW TO SLOW DOWN THE AGING PROCESS, AND EXTEND ROOF LIFE. Properer expansion and contraction is critical for a healthy roofing system. Roof temperatures can climb to 150 degrees during the hot summer months. Passing showers quickly cool the roof causing extreme contraction called thermal shock. As the rains pass temperatures, again, quickly climb.  … Continue Reading

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Residential Window Company CKG Contractors Inc. Installed new Andersen 400 series windows for our Summit NJ Homeowner. We installed new Azek PVC trim and sills for a maintenance free finish. New siding was installed around windows and painted to match existing siding. We are scheduled to replace the roof on their Carriage house and re-build… Continue Reading