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Built Up Roof Repair
Built Up Roof Repair



A Built Up Roof with a gravel surface, commonly referred to as “BUR Gravel”  is a very durable roofing system comprised of multiple layers of asphalt and saturated felt with some form of gravel (rocks) spread over the entire system as its top layer.  The drawback is replacement costs.  The life cycle of a Gravel BUR is typically fifteen to twenty years.  Near the end of its serviceable life the asphalt dries out and eventually cracks.  The flashing detail around penetrations begin to be a problem and may be the reason for leaks in the building.  CKG Contractors Inc. has multiple options to restore this system without the cost of a tear-off.

Smooth Surface

A Smooth Surface Built Up Roof, commonly referred to as Smooth BUR, is an inexpensive roofing system comprised of multiple layers of asphalt and saturated felt material.  The drawback to these Commercial roofs is that they are not very durable and do not have a long service life.  The life cycle of a Smooth BUR is typically ten years.  Near the end of its serviceable life the seams, and flashing details around penetrations begin to be a problem and may be the reason for leaks in the building.  On a very positive note a built-up roof is typically a very good candidate for a fluid applied restoration system. CKG Contractors Inc. Offers a variety of roof maintenance systems. Roof Coating systems are less expensive then traditional Commercial roofing and carry a 10-20 years NDL Warranty through the manufacture. We install Coating from GAF Parsippany NJ, Uniflex, United Coatings, Astec Roof Coating and several more. Depending on your commercial roof surface and budget. These newer Commercial coating systems are sustainable and warranties are renewable. Call CKG Contractors for all of your Built up roofing and commercial roofing projects and commercial roof repair.Our services include roof repair, roof restoration, roof maintenance, roof coatings, retrofits and full replacement of facility roofs. We work with built-up roofs (coal tar pitch and asphalt,) single-ply (TPO, PVC, EPDM,) modified bitumen, metal roof assemblies (standing seam, R-panel, flat seam,) and shingle roofs.  We are also skilled at solvent and waterborne polymeric roof coatings, restoration systems and cements (acrylic, neoprene, styrene butadiene, urethane, polyvinyl acetate, elastomeric,) Bituminous roof coatings and cements (black and aluminum,) solvent and waterborne polymer modified roof coatings and cements (combination of polymeric technology and bitumen technology,) liquid-applied monolithic membranes.  Call CKG Contractors Inc. for your next Roofing Project. We have the experience and man power to handle any job big or small including every budget.

Commercial Roofing Company
Commercial Roofing Company

Parsippany NJ 07054 Siding Company-Phone Answered

New Vinyl Siding installed in Parsippany NJ 07054. CKG Contractors Inc. Installed New Siding on this residential home in Parsippany NJ. Prior to installing the new Vinyl siding and stone facade the homeowner’s informed us the home was very cold and drafty. Although adding insulation on the exterior helps we went a different route for maximum R-Value. We removed all of the… Continue Reading

Morris Plains Roofing Company NJ 07950 CKG Contractors Inc

Roofing Company Morris Plains NJ 07950 CKG Contractors Inc       New Roofing installed by CKG Contractors Inc. in Morris Plains NJ 07950. I originally went to this Morris Plains home for a leak by the chimney. Upon further inspection the entire roof was failing from hundreds of popped nails working their way through the shingles.… Continue Reading


                Roof-Replacement-Denville-NJ-07834 CKG Contractors Inc, is a Local Roofing Company based one Town away from Denville NJ 07834. We are located in Parsippany NJ and have been servicing the Morris County area for almost 20-years. We specialize in Roof Replacement, Roof Repair, Siding and Windows. We always guarantee it’s right or it’s free. Since the beginning we have always stood behind our work… Continue Reading

Summit-NJ-Roof-Replacement-New-Roofing-Company-Roof Cleaning-Roof-Repairs-07901

              CKG Contractors Inc, Repaired multiple areas on this Summit NJ residence. The Roof overhangs into the gutter were very short allowing water to get behind the Gutter and rot out the facia board. We extended the roof overhang, removed gutters and replaced damaged facia board. New facia board was primed and painted the same color… Continue Reading